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Elite Force
Forum Name: Forum Description: Topics: Posts:
GeneralCome here to talk about Virtual Enterprise and everything else Star Trek or Elite Force (1 or 2) Related. Introduce yourself here if you're new and get to know each other.2553756
Questions and CommentsPost your Questions or Comments about anything on my Site! 28244
Mapping HelpPost your questions about Mapping here. Ask me how to do something or if your having problems, let me know and I'll see what I can do! 52592
Other WorksIn here you can talk about mods/maps/skins/etc. that you or other people have made themselves so you can praise/boast/advertise them etc.28144
BetatestersThis is a Private Forum for the Betatesters for Virtual Enterprise only. Please post your feedback for the beta tests here.631

Off Topic's
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Off TopicTalk about anything you want, as long as it is legal! Don't be too offensive or there will be trouble. *Warning* possible offensive content. Advise caution!!4336040
KSI entertainmentAdventure Game company of Vanhal's, come in and sugest some things or help out. Curent Project: Zalkalous Perimeter15222
Old StuffOld Acived stuff30318
Ensign Kims Crazy TalksEnsign Kim discusions about things.45832
Crusader's PlaceA place to talk about canon ness and about romulans and about what sucks and what doesn't suck and that kind of thing.........also about how Dobberman is the uber god and deserves everything.212

MOD Discussion
Forum Name: Forum Description: Topics: Posts:
Assaulted EmpireDiscuss the MOD Assaulted Empire. Ask about it's story or features and maybe enquire about work positions! 12158
Virtual EnterpriseDiscuss the Virtual Enterprise MOD. Ask Questions and post Comments about it and find out what you want to know! 591455
Morale Officer's SourceThis is where the Morale Officer get's his material.1520
Voyager Season 8Discuss the Voyager Season 8 MOD. Ask Questions and post Comments about it and find out what you want to know!60706

Role Playing
Forum Name: Forum Description: Topics: Posts:
Virtual Game MissionsThis is where the Virtual Game missions will take place. Do not post comments in here. 231299
Virtual Game CommentsThis is the forum for any comments on the missions, and where other related topics are. 902622
Secret Virtual gameWhere stuff is.15301
Project: Elite RoleplayingThe forum to discuss Elite Roleplaying's upcoming map and RPing in general.37881
Secret Project thats very secret!!Yes its a very secret project, but if you can see it, then you obvisly know what the secret is or, like simmo and scooter, stole admin mod.368