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Possible Release?

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Posted at 7:36 pm, 27th November 2002
I was chatting to a guy in MSN chat room, he said his name was Mikey and then i asked him if he owned star trek, elite force he said yeah and he is modding for it, I asked what MOD, he said Xtreme Gaming and gave me the url. he told me that i should watch out for a game to unexpectidly hit effiles.com very soon! He said it has been crafted to almost a new horizon? I hope this is Explore: Voyager, what do you guys think? Ill register now...
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Posted at 7:39 pm, 27th November 2002
I would think heīs talking about Smashed, since Explore Voyager isnīt quite finished yet.

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Posted at 7:49 pm, 27th November 2002
No, he spoke of smashed as well! He said 'I have fixed that date, it will be 21st of Dec," and he went on to say about the mod and then he mentioned the surpirse mod saying it isn't anything on the xtreme gaming roster, it was totally original, or something maybe he was saying that about smashed.
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Posted at 8:38 pm, 27th November 2002
when ensign_kim came to the efmods chatroom yesterday, he told me that Explore Voyager will be delayed

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Posted at 11:07 pm, 27th November 2002
Xtreme Gaming does not like to comment on rumors and will not make a habbit of this. So this will stay unconfirmed, remember you can only trust the offical site! Please check back for details on upcoming MODs and Maps, http://www.efmods.com/~kim.

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Posted at 7:55 am, 28th November 2002
Why the name change from Ensign_Kim to Mikey_Carr????

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