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New Job

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Posted at 3:50 pm, 28th November 2002
Yeah thinking of going into film or little shows as an extra the people who you see woundering about in the back ground hehe and its good money


but you got to send of for a book for about 17 which i done be for and then it said said another so much s for this other thing but i didnt becuse i fort it was just a big con just take your money of you but what do you think ?

and im seriously thinking of doing this instead of the job i have at the moment
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Posted at 4:39 pm, 28th November 2002
That link is 404 for me.

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Posted at 5:22 pm, 28th November 2002
Link works fine for me Wha?

If you want to take the job and are interested in that type of work then I think you should take it. I dont think its a con, it just doesnt look like that kind of thing to me.

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Posted at 7:00 pm, 28th November 2002
Yeah im going to go for it I can still always say no

im getting board of this job im on now theres nothing todo its vertualy epmty thats why i asked to go part time its more tiring doing nothing then doing alot
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