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Damn compiler

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Commander luke

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Posted at 4:03 pm, 2nd December 2002
I really hate this compile, okay I try to compilr the latest version of the Etermal, but when it gets to "VIS" it gives me a pop-up error thingie. I press cancel, but it doesn't close the compiler, It keeps going until its done compiling, but its like it never happened I try to load it, and the old one comes up. :S

Any ideas?
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Posted at 10:50 pm, 2nd December 2002
There's a problem with the map, this happened with Assaulted Empire, I had to delete lots of the map and start over because of it. When the error comes up, the compile really does nothing, you may get lucky with a "Purge Evil Polys" but if not, you're gonna have to hunt down that bad part the hard way.
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Commander luke

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Posted at 11:10 pm, 2nd December 2002
Fuuucccccckkkkkkkkk, any Idea of what causes it?

Oh god, that would sooooo suck to have to start over....
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Commander luke

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Posted at 1:55 am, 3rd December 2002
Now even more problems, im about ready to give up. okay, I try to start efradiant, and I get this messageL

-Nevermind, fixed that-

But now when I try to load a big map Ex: the Eternal, I get an error saying efradiant has caused a invalid page fault in unknown.
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Posted at 2:59 am, 3rd December 2002
Take a break. I usually find that if I go to sleep or do other things for a while and go back at it fresh, the answer comes to me. That was how I got past my final design project last year. Wink

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Commander luke

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Posted at 9:52 am, 3rd December 2002
Thanks Sporto, that helped. Well, I deleted my "tools" folder, reinstalled it, now radiant works. I opened the eternal and (Damn you Logalot) one of the custom textures logalot wanted me to put in his quarters screwed up the whole fricking thing. I deleted the custom texture from the map and it compiles perfectly. This also means that if any of you have textures you want me to put in your quarters some MAY not work, Just a forewarning.

Well, i'm back to mapping.
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Posted at 4:17 pm, 3rd December 2002
I think if the texture is too many pixels big it wont work. I dont know if this is the problem here, but when I try to make a texture thats quite big (big as in lots of pixels in width/length), if its TOO big, then the map wont load when it tries to load the texture. It's not exactly mapping like this is, but it's what I thought from my experience.

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Posted at 8:07 pm, 18th November 2003
can some 1 help me i have being trying to map for some time and when ive gone to compile my map its been fine but for some strange reason all of a suddon it doesnt work all the files i get is a (map name file which is just got aload of garbeld up letters another 1 of your maps names which this time when you open it its got brushes off the degrees if you no what i meann and then ive got a aas file and a back file and last a prt file all done in the same compile but i get no BSP file so i carnt load up my map any help would be great full

tar Grin and yes im still learning lol been at it since EF1 lol
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