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Enterprise 3....AVAILABLE NOW !!!!!!!

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Posted at 9:15 pm, 21st September 2003
from my website in the Enterprise 3 section........

Please read the readme !!!!

Have fun Happy

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Posted at 12:20 am, 22nd September 2003

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Posted at 10:40 pm, 23rd September 2003
This map is excellant, one of the true greats of EF Happy
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Posted at 2:32 pm, 24th September 2003
Wow, just looked around it and I was amazed. Truly excellent job.

I spent like half an hour wandering around just looking at things. It looks so real, I could almost touch it, I even tried to, but all I got was the glass of the monitor Sad

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Posted at 1:42 am, 25th September 2003
its ok simmo...

oh simmo,btw,do you happen to remember the phone number for the nearest asylum? Na na!
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Posted at 8:44 pm, 25th September 2003
Love that avatar...