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Account for both Raven2139a/Raiden1803

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Posted at 9:37 pm, 14th October 2003
Hi, I thought you guys might be abit confused.. But i used to use the "Raven2139a" account.. Thought i switched the username to "raiden1803" didnt it switch? Figgures why i couldnt log on untill i re registered under Raiden1803 (note: admins. if your confused i can Message one of you My password for both this and the Raven account for clarification)

Im confused myself.. What ever!
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Posted at 2:18 pm, 15th October 2003
I thought that name looked wrong... The forum messup probably to blame for anything still though.

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Posted at 4:02 pm, 15th October 2003
Just change your username in your profile back to what it should be, but now I guess I'll have to delete the new account first before I can do that.
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Posted at 4:56 pm, 15th October 2003
Ok, ill just stay loged in to the raven one. dobberman can u pm me when you delete this one?