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Posted at 3:02 pm, 16th October 2003
When do you people think this game is coming out ive seen alsorts of release dats from September the 30th which as gone then October then November and then the other day i asked in GAME and he said its been pushed back till April Eek! Eek! eeeeeek

I hope its soon it sound kewl
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Posted at 6:04 pm, 16th October 2003
I has been put back till next year because their source (and a beta) was stolen and released on the internet. But they're probably only using that as an excuse. (I probably shouldn't talk Na na!)
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Posted at 8:31 pm, 16th October 2003
Go on talk hehe

btw does any body no if you need to go on the web realy for this game called "In Memoriam"

Enter the game of a serial killer using e-mail, the internet and movie footage to solve his puzzles in a dark and thrilling environment.
Key Features:

Original concept: a CD-Rom created by a Serial Killer.
The Serial Killer rules the game and manipulates the player how he wants. Can you out fox him?
Total immersion, with 40 puzzles to be solved.
Absorbing and never seen before script: the Serial Killer holds all the cards. You must interact with him to get the clues needed to solve the mystery of Jack Lorski's disappearance.

Captivating and strong atmosphere taken from the best Thrillers.
Feel the suspense with high quality sound and visuals.
A credible and breath taking script
Inspired by movies such as The Silence of the Lambs and Seven...

A blend of reality and fiction.
Based on real facts.
You will have to visit both real web sites and extremely realistic fake sites, created for the game and integrated into the world wide web.
Receive More than 40 e-mails, which build the story and are integrated in to the script.
More than 45 minutes of real movie footage, featuring professional actors, and many sequences created by the Serial Killer.

or is it just another thing like Up Link hehe thats was a funny topic that time can you remember lol
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