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is going to kill you!!!

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Posted at 7:10 pm, 24th April 2002
The new system uses CARDs, yes thats right cards.
There is 4 different flavors:

Blue cards - these are the ones you'll see the most because its the only ones you can use. If you come across a post that brakes the rules or is offencive or something like that, you click the blue card that will be in the top right hand corner of the post. If two different ppl do this a message will be sent to the mods of the forum and we will inspect it. That when we use the....

Yellow Cards - (mods take note) if we agree with you and it does brake the rules or what ever we (mods) can click this "yellow" card and you will have a yellow card, 10 yellow cards and YOURRRRRRRRR OUT i.e Ban for a period of time (a week, month depends on how i'm feeling and how much you pissed me off).

Red card - This is the same as getting 10 yellows, you really pissed one of the Admins off to get one of these (only admins can use this).

Green Card - This is your saver, this is the unbanning button, YEAY.

Thats about it, i hope i won't have to use any of this TOO much. hehehe REVANGE.

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