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Posted at 7:15 pm, 26th October 2003
Im just woundering are all forums free i mean free as in that what you already pay to get on the net if you no what i mean like 24/7 pay as you etc because every time i want to register im always woundering wever it will cost more thats why i put this topic as im thick cos its prob just me thinking that hehe
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Posted at 7:55 pm, 26th October 2003
Don't worry it's all free. Grin

But if you want to pay make your cheques payable to me.

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Posted at 11:15 pm, 26th October 2003
there are some you have to pay for, but i won't go into that What ever!

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Posted at 2:20 am, 27th October 2003
Vanhal said:
there are some you have to pay for, but i won't go into that What ever!

Yeah some forums do charge you, but you would know it b/c they would ask you for some kind of payment to register. But it wouldn't like go directly to your internet bill, at least it wouldn't for me. As for this forum though, yes, thank god it is free.

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