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all those Birthdays

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Posted at 2:51 pm, 3rd November 2003
Wow all those people with birth days comining up

Happy Birth day people if any of you dont get mentioned lol

some 1 had to do this topic lol
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Posted at 7:46 pm, 3rd November 2003
Actually, that's just a bug. If you don't put your own birthday in your profile, I think a default one is set, and now that default day is within 60 days away.

That is right, correct?

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Posted at 10:21 pm, 3rd November 2003
edit: ah ffs, i thought i fixed that......

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Posted at 4:29 am, 4th November 2003
WOW Eek!
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Posted at 6:07 am, 4th November 2003
You did fix it, but twas after the latest good backup.

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Posted at 4:42 pm, 4th November 2003
I actually thought you just "fiddled" it, editing all those users to not have the default birthday, well that was what I heard last time anyway.

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Posted at 8:39 pm, 4th November 2003
Yeah happy birthday to whoever. Just tell us and we'll throw you a forum party.

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