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What's up with this MOD???

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Posted at 3:12 am, 17th November 2003
I just wanted to know what's up with this MOD?? Has it been canceled, is it being worked on, or has it been postponed for some reason???

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Posted at 3:38 am, 17th November 2003
I haven't heard anything about this mod in a looooooong time, so odds are, it's dead.

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Posted at 6:24 am, 17th November 2003
Odds are, Mikey's dead too. When's the last time anybody's seen him post anywhere?

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Posted at 11:49 am, 17th November 2003
What exactly was this MOD going to do? I'd heard of it but I don't really know what it was supposed to be doing.
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Posted at 4:23 pm, 17th November 2003
He comes on MSN a bit, but very likely this was cancelled. I heard he was doing some sort of map a few weeks/months ago but haven't heard from him since.

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