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Posted at 10:26 am, 28th November 2003
I dl'ed a couple of mods that are supposed to put the original music in STVEF. 55megs=voycredits.zip 22megs=voyintro.zip meither worked. Does anyone else have a prob like this? Project Independence mod plays TNG music. These mods are supposed to play the voyager music but I get nothing. they are installed in baseEF. This is driving me nuts , I have been trying to get this to work for two days!! HELP!
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Posted at 7:50 pm, 28th November 2003
All you have to do to get them to work is put the pk3 file contained in the zip file into your baseEF and not the zip file itself incase that's what you were doing wrong. Also incase you misunderstood what it does, it changes the music on the opening credits not the entire game (well in the case of voycredits.zip it changes the end credits aswell). Otherwise I don't see what the problem could be.
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