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Which engine would you prefer EF3 to be built on?
Quake 3
50% (1)
Half-Life 2
100% (2)

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Join Date: 16-11-2003
Posted at 2:07 am, 6th December 2003
So what's everyone's initial impressions on this EF3 project? I think it's a good idea, although it was technically stolen from the Bridge Commander expansion project. But who cares? The only thing I'm not that happy about is using the HL2 engine. As far as I'm concerned the Q3 engine isn't dated, and is still the best engine available.
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Posted at 5:11 pm, 6th December 2003
The only thing worse than Q3 is the original Unreal engine. Jupiter engine is far superior to Q3, and HL2 is quite simply the best engine in the universe. I expect HL2 to be the most modded game ever.

As for the EF3 idea, I think it's crap. I'm all for making Star Trek mods in HL2, but the whole EF concept is crap. Hazard teams are stupid. "Sorry Tuvok, I know you have way more experience because you're hundreds of years old, but we're sending these crewmen, who are on their first assignment, instead of you." EF was just an excuse to make a FPS that would appeal to Trek fans.

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Posted at 7:21 pm, 7th December 2003
Half Life 2 man i carnt imagine how real its going to look yes the Q3 Engine was good back in EF for its time but now move over for HF Engine I hope theres going to be alod of maps mods on StarTrek not just EF Univers but all hehe well apart from TOS lol sorry
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