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does any body else get this pop up?

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Posted at 10:52 am, 20th December 2003
does any body else get this pop up, its some times a white screen and some times a Red screen and then it says click ok to get a fantastic prze so i click to get it of (not ok the to close it down) and it says that again i have to press right ctrl,leftctrl and delete to get the windows task manager up and close it from there but when i do that it closes everything else down its becoming Muhahaha im just woundering if any body els have it because ive only been getting that this last week

oh btw it takes all my start menu off so you carnt see any links at the bottom of you screen if you no what i mean
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Posted at 1:54 pm, 20th December 2003

quick burn him BURN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 4:04 pm, 20th December 2003
Also get the Google toolbar to stop the pop ups in the first place.

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Posted at 4:59 pm, 20th December 2003
can you get me the adress please Grin
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Posted at 6:08 pm, 20th December 2003

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Posted at 5:56 am, 2nd January 2004
Speaking of Google Tool bar just to tell you that I have stopped 1100 popup ads. Grin

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Posted at 1:35 pm, 5th January 2004
My mate at work just got Broad Band for his computer and the pop ups was coming up and he clicked on 1 and made his computer restart after 5 mins every time he switched it on I said to him though be for dont click on any pop ups what come up but some people have to be curiouse but then again they could have been coming up that fast that he didnt no he was clicking on them
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