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The Adventure Begins

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Posted at 7:10 pm, 22nd December 2003
Well, that's it. I'm leaving to go up to Northern Arizona for x-mas, then right after that I'm flying to Washington for my next eventful outdoor adventure. I'm sure something will happen that will make a good story.

I should be back by the 1st or 2nd.

Later all.

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Posted at 7:29 pm, 22nd December 2003
Cu have Fun
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Posted at 8:10 pm, 22nd December 2003
Have fun!

I guess Arizona is VERY similar to Southern Alberta. (like near Drumheller) So that is your normal for you but is pretty plain but interesting to me. Ah then Washington. I don't think Washington is very exciting at all. Everything is like quite far away to get too. But there are a few places that are quite close together. But it is very noticable if your in Washington or B.C. if you fall asleep on one side and wake up on the other. Anyway have fun in Washington and Northern Arizona. Grin

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Posted at 9:52 pm, 22nd December 2003
Have fun!

*wonders how you can go away over Christmas time, it just wouldnt feel right not being at home*

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Posted at 10:10 pm, 22nd December 2003
Cya! Have fun Cool!
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Posted at 11:29 pm, 22nd December 2003
Farewell, don't forget to write, bon voyage, etc.
Have a great holiday.
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Posted at 5:00 am, 23rd December 2003
Washington as a whole is a pretty boring state, but there are a few scenic places here and there.

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