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Posted at 11:43 pm, 24th December 2003
N E 1 who likes gay sex, And Who Can Run/own a orge server, plz contact me here or on 'Hesketh1000@aol.com' You shall be given a Rank In UFRP.

Thank you

Will Out

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Posted at 2:15 am, 25th December 2003
Ooo, the rather "not so great as ERP" competition (no offense)

I got an idea, let's count how many ERP members are here... 1,2,3,4......etc.

LOL! Sry dude i doubt you'll find anybody willing to join. but hey i'd love to see somebody from these boards join. LOL!

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Posted at 9:18 pm, 25th December 2003
*dropkicks Will off the forums*

You picked the wrong place to advertise for an RPG server. This is where Elite Roleplaying began.

And now you die. Muhahaha

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Posted at 8:09 pm, 26th December 2003
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Posted at 7:01 pm, 4th January 2004
Eek! Eek! Eek! what the h*ll kind of server is that?!
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Posted at 8:20 pm, 4th January 2004
O.....K...... Wha? I'm actually hoping that Will did that editting of his first post rather than Dobberman or Vanhal (or any other moderator)

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