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Star Trek Season 4: "The Argas Effect" NOW AVAILAB

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Posted at 4:22 am, 1st January 2004

1969. With 3 years of exploration complete and 2 more on the horizon, NBC pulls the plug on what has become an American Entertainment Icon and a Global Phenomenon. Star Trek leaves the airwaves before its 5 year mission is completed.

2004. After 36 years, Season 4 finally begins! Available now for PC and Star Trek Voyager: Eliteforce owners, Star Trek Season 4: The Argas Effect from Spacestation K7.

It is the year 2268. The USS Enterprise embarks on the fourth year of her Five year mission. Captain James T. Kirk is faced with an unthinkable mystery, a race against time, the return of an old enemy and an alien race that are not all they appear to be.

Star Trek Season 4 "The Argas Effect", a new Single Player mod for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force has been devleloped by a group of fans who love the original series and want to relive the glory days of Trek. With this First Person Shooter game - the first FPS based entirely in the TOS universe - you assume the role of Captain Kirk and walk the corridors of the USS Enterprise, visit key areas seen in the series, interact with members of the crew, see some familiar faces and some new ones as well.

The pattern for future mod releases will follow the format of an original series episode. Download the first part of the Season 4 episode, "The Argas Effect", now at Spacestation K7. Then register for our interactive forum area and tell the team what you think of their work.

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Star Trek Season 4: "The Argas Effect"

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Posted at 4:47 pm, 1st January 2004
Posted on EFModCentral. Smile

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Posted at 8:20 pm, 1st January 2004
Wow Really Cool! I wanna know what happened Smile
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Posted at 2:36 am, 2nd January 2004
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Posted at 3:35 am, 2nd January 2004
Dobberman said:
Wow Really Cool! I wanna know what happened Smile

Well, you see......NAH!!! You have to wait until Act 1 comes out.


SOON!!!!! Na na! Grin