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Tis a New Year

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Cadet 4th Year

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Posted at 6:10 am, 1st January 2004
I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Grin Say hello to 2004. Happy

Don't get too drunk now. Wink
Morale Officer

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Posted at 4:40 pm, 1st January 2004
Erm, Vanhal is probably already drunk.

Captain of the USS Serenity
is going to kill you!!!

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Posted at 7:47 pm, 1st January 2004
Chris3123 said:
Don't get too drunk now. Wink

hey i didn't, my house is a bit of a mess now though

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Posted at 8:43 pm, 1st January 2004
Me neither its only 2004 hehe i think crimbo should come every 5 years or so

sorry to be a goosbary (is that how you spell it?) but i will be glad when everything gets back to normal

but 1 of my many new years revolution is to spell WRIGHT RIGHT OK lol

am i doing well so far?
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