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Is virtual Enterprise still being worked on?

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Posted at 11:51 pm, 25th January 2004
Is virtual Enterprise a dead mod?, i've seen no activity on the message boards for quite some time Dec, 12 2003 is the last i belive... Its going on 3 months now.... so.... is it dead? I hope not, i have been looking forward to it for some time now 2 years! Please let us know.

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Posted at 3:57 am, 26th January 2004
No it's not dead. It's just been postponed. Think of it as... the Kahn of Elite Force Mods - sooner or later it'll turn up on an alien planet and bite you on the ar... err... ah-ha...
Yeah it's not dead - Dobberman's just put it off for a bit for reasons of school I think.
Anyway don't panic and have patience. It WILL come eventually.
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Posted at 2:52 am, 27th January 2004
Nah it's not dead, just in a coma. Dobber has this crazy idea that school is more important, so we're waiting until the summer and if he doesn't finish it we'll send Vanhal over there to kill him.

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Posted at 2:25 am, 6th February 2004
Wow, I remember this mod. I remember waiting for it to be released two years ago. And it was postponed to Early 03, then it didnt come out so I left.

I hope its finished eventually. Last I remember hearing anything was when the Serenity B was released. A GIF image was released.