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Australier day?

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Posted at 1:06 pm, 28th January 2004
Any 1 know why its Australier week this week I think its for a week i was just listening to the radio and cought the last bit say that its Australier Day or something

Locutus of Borg have you had a radio station called Galaxy 105 around Australier because they said that they was airing from there the other day i dont no much what it was on about i thought it might have been an Australian holiday or something just been curiouse Happy
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Posted at 12:00 pm, 29th January 2004
Well I haven't heard of a Galaxy 105, but it was Australia day on Monday. Yep, a day off in the middle of the holidays - mighty usefull Happy. As you can probably guess it's a big day for us, after all it was the day Australia was settled. But I didn't know they broadcast the info outside the country.
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Posted at 6:54 pm, 29th January 2004
I knew it was Austrailia day, infact, Sky one showed the Austrailian Episode of the Simpsons.
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Posted at 7:28 pm, 29th January 2004
yeah Galaxy 105 there all week they had a compertiotin on and every time they spotted a Yoot (they said it was some kind a car) they had to anser questions something like that hehe there quite funny people who do it i dont no there names but there funny
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Posted at 4:30 am, 30th January 2004
LMAO it's not a Yoot, it's a UTE. In North America we call them SUVs.

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