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Do you think the Simpsons are getting more and more random?
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Posted at 12:21 pm, 19th February 2004
Well I guess it's one of those quite times again that I just have to put a stop to Wink.
We've just started playing the new Simpson series down here - the one with Tony Blair in it (UK Prime Minister for those of you who don't know). My, my that was a random encounter. I've noticed that the Simpsons have been getting stranger and stranger as of late. I guess Matt Groening (or however you spell it) might be, god forbid, running out of ideas. Still the comedy isn't lacking so that's a good thing.
Anyway, I think I've bored you enough with my insistent rambling.
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Posted at 7:55 pm, 19th February 2004
The Simpsons is really going downhill, its getting to the point of ridiculous now, well it is 16 years old and it's amazing it's lasted this long but they're resorting more and more to slapstick, sexuel innuendos and just stupid non-sensical things that don't make sense at all and are only mildly humorous. IMO that is.
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Posted at 10:36 pm, 19th February 2004
i thought the Simpsons ment to be a new episode every sunday over here but it seems to be every other like say every month or so not week but yeah i think shorlty it be the end for the simpsons Are the makeing a film ?
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