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Posted at 6:59 am, 24th March 2004
So, anybody here doing any mods at the moment (not just EF related ones)?
I've been doing a few things - the EF2 Intro (putting TNG music into the EF2 intro movie much like Dobberman's one for EF1), the collar mod v2 (my old topic used to have pictures on it but those morons over at 20fr took them off of the site i was linking them to Grrr!), and one other that I did a while ago which I never released (I will soon though) that changes the male Scavenger disguise Munro into a Red Imperial uniform.
There's been a distinct drop in Elite Force Mods as of late, probably because of the lack of interest in EF2.
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Posted at 3:01 am, 26th March 2004
I'm on the RPG-X mod team, though I don't really do much of anything. My job on the team is to make sure everything is canon.

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