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Commander Luke's Email

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Posted at 8:58 pm, 14th April 2004
Hey, I don't know if he comes here anymore but if someone can tell him he may have a virus. He has probably noticed that his efmods email hasn't worked for ages (none of them have) but it is now and his email address has been spewing viruses, I got one and I also got a bounced one from one that sent to another email address (since it's an efmods account, I got the bounced mail). Weird thing is though, as far as I can see, his account doesn't even exist anymore.
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Posted at 11:55 pm, 14th April 2004
He dropped out of ERP leadership a few weeks back, and I haven't seen him around since then...

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Posted at 10:49 am, 17th April 2004
Yeah, he's had to drop his Internet at home because the builders are *still* fixing his house (2 years to fix some flooding.. ffs) so if he ever does come online he's at his dad's house.
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Posted at 12:00 am, 18th April 2004
Cripes, Dobberman asks about Luke and Sam shows up.

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Posted at 9:04 am, 18th April 2004
Yeah, these forums are on my 'browse' list (along with GBS, ERP, and a couple of other forums).

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Posted at 12:58 pm, 18th April 2004
Shi-ite! I just noticed you're join-up date and your total no. of posts. Still I suppose that's a pretty common thing among forums.
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