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Posted at 10:04 pm, 23rd May 2004
just curios whats going on with virtual enterprise, its been at 63% for ever, is it ever gonna be done?

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Posted at 11:19 pm, 23rd May 2004
Maybe... maybe not. Stick around and find out!

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Posted at 1:09 pm, 24th May 2004
21 April, 2004 - The Latest News

Sorry for not posting this alot sooner. Virtual Enterprise is on hold until the summer. Work will resume sometime after the 21st of June this year. This is because this year is a big exam year for me and I have to study study study. If the MOD does someday get scrubed, I WILL release any decent quality maps I have.

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Posted at 5:00 am, 25th May 2004
Dobberman said:
If the MOD does someday get scrubed,

Polly don't like cracker Na na!. Grin
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