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Graphics on ships

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Posted at 7:16 pm, 19th June 2004
Well this isnt just EF2 its all games realy, is it just me or does the SOV ship allways look like cartoony graphics like on BC the Stock version and Starfleet command that looks like cartoony but they put more effort into the other ships instead is that just me?
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Posted at 4:06 am, 20th June 2004
Well for a start the original Sovereign textures in EF2 were inaccurate (no phaser arcs etc.), and yeah I think I know what you mean about them being 'cartoony'. We need a CG-Sovereign for EF2 Grin! (People who don't download stuff for Bridge Commander won't know what I'm talking about.)
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Posted at 11:25 pm, 20th June 2004
There was a retexture mod shortly after EF2 was released.

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Posted at 8:32 am, 21st June 2004
I have downloaded a Mod in the past that fixed up some of the bugs on the U.S.S Enterprise (EF2.) Has anyone made something like that for the Voyager model? It's really annoying it not having an insignia Grrr! .
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