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Star Trek XI

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What era should Star Trek XI be set in?
TNG (after Nemesis)
66.6666666667% (2)
TNG (before Nemesis)
0% (0)
Voyager (after End Game)
100% (3)
Deep Space 9
33.3333333333% (1)
TOS (Bring back Kirk)
0% (0)

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Posted at 2:33 am, 29th June 2004
Anybody know what's up with these rumors about Star Trek 11? Rick Berman said it was going to be a prequel Muhahaha. Why the hell don't they just do what most fans want? A Voyager movie! If they did that they'd re-ignite the franchise. I haven't come across one Star Trek forum that hasn't had somebody requesting a Voyager film. I don't see what they have against answering the question to what happened after they got back. Sure there's Homecoming and Father Shore (both books set after the series), but a film is always more... cannon in my opinion. Besides, Nemesis screwed the whole thing up. If they made a prequel set in the Voyager series I'd go along with it. But if they make a prequel in Enterprise I'd find that really annoying. Not that I don't like Enterprise, but if they did decide to do a movie in that period, it would take until 2007 for them to start, providing that the series lasts that long.
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Posted at 11:11 am, 29th June 2004
Yeah I heard it was prequel, I think that has been confirmed. It'll be based after Enterprise but before TOS, you're supposed to see Kirk when he's a Cadet. I wouldn't mind a DS9 movie so we can find out what happened to Sisko after he left. They seemed to leave that open for a movie.
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Posted at 9:47 pm, 30th June 2004
It should be based after Nemises. I don't care about anything other than seeing Data come back to life somehow. I was terribly shocked when they killed Data off Muhahaha , I felt it was a big mistake. It's easy to bring him back anyway; all they have to do is find Lore's remains and download Data's memories from B4 into Lore. B4 couldn't be used because he has imperfections in his structure. So all I care about is Data coming back!
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