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Happy Birthday Dogbert

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Posted at 8:21 pm, 2nd July 2004
June 29 marked another day on the calendar although this is probably the least celebrated b-day in my life. not really complaining. kinda wanted to settle down and things are here to be unpacked, etc. maybe we'll celebrate l8r. had a nice ice cream cake from dairy queen though which we still have 2 or 3 pieces left of. but don't tell scooter or manhunter otherwise they'll eat it. Na na! ... doh!

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Posted at 8:30 pm, 2nd July 2004
Can I have a piece? Weeeeeee!

Happy Birthday Dogbert! Happy
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Posted at 10:21 am, 3rd July 2004
happy birthday you can have my piece as well dobber as i carnt eat cake lol
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Posted at 10:23 am, 3rd July 2004
I probably picked the 29th as the day where I just happened not to turn up here didnt I...

Anyway, belated b-day pic time:

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Posted at 10:53 am, 3rd July 2004
Ah! The colours are hurting my eyes! Grin. Happy Birthday!
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Posted at 11:51 pm, 5th July 2004
Aha! I knew I'd been away from here too long.

*waits until he can go home and search for the remainder of the ice cream cake*

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