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Going away

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Posted at 9:16 am, 5th August 2004
Yeah... I'm off to sunny lanzarote for 2 fun filled weeks... in other words I'll be bored to death cause there's nothing to do there, especially with family. *sigh*

Anyway my mum is taking her laptop so I'll be able to do what I do best still, and not be able to leave during my LOA

So, see you in... 2 weeks? 2 days? Whenever....

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Posted at 9:41 am, 5th August 2004
cu hope yu not realy board lol go fishing thats what i do in day when im on a beach holiday because i carnt stand sitting in the sun and on sand all day like most people do i dont mind the sun its just sitting down doing nothing i carnt stand Grin

cu in 2 weeks
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Posted at 9:57 am, 5th August 2004
Have a good time! See you when you get back.
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Posted at 11:58 am, 5th August 2004
Of course you won't have fun, you won't be getting any VE beta tests while you're there Na na!

Enjoy your trip!
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Posted at 9:39 pm, 5th August 2004
im not here next week either im here the following week im off back into hospital for the week for my training on how to do the dialasis my self and how to changed the dressing on my tube so i can ave a shower but the thing is i can do it on 1 of those dummies alright all ready tried it on there i was fine i come to do it tody i had to get my dad to help because its alright looking at the dummy faceing when you got 2 hands but doing it your self you need for and ive got to do that every day until i get a trans splant they say younger people get it quite quick 6month to a year but i said id only take it from a dead doner person cos i dont think its right for the other person to suffer as well i no you can live off 1 working 1 but still theyve got to take it easy just in case. Sad Grin
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Posted at 3:06 am, 6th August 2004
Well it looks like everybody's leaving. Well wherever you guys are going, have fun and enjoy yourselves. As for Skipper, tubes and hospitals and such, that'll suck. Hope it ain't too bad. You guys be good.


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