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Beta Test (Not on about VE)

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Posted at 3:43 pm, 8th August 2004
i was just woundering if anybody knows that if this is free to sign up for beta testing


because when i come back from hospital this Friday, on that saturdy im going to sign up for it if its free or does any body else no any other sites what are free to sign up and d/l the games to test or is it just that 1?

thanks ill be on l8r tonight but after that i want be until this freiday unless they say that i can come home Grin
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Posted at 12:33 am, 10th August 2004
Yep beta testing is free. They want to get you hooked so that you'll buy the game when it comes out.

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Posted at 4:26 pm, 10th August 2004
Muhahahaha er... You're all against me!
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Posted at 9:02 pm, 10th August 2004
Props to 'em. It's a good marketing idea.

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Posted at 7:27 pm, 15th August 2004
i dont think i am going to bother now because like i said its all online gameing i dont play on online at all i realy never fancyed it
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