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im back

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Posted at 5:22 pm, 13th August 2004
well done my training at the hospital for dialasis ive got to do it 4 times a day and it takes me around 35mins to do each 1, but the best bit is now that ive seen the dietition is that i can eat more or less what i want to but still in moderation but there more slacker on what i can and carnt have im still going to eat helthy but also more food what i couldnt be for like Prawns and other shell fish food they wernt helthy 4 me be for but now i can eat them in moderation (sea food my fav food which i havent had for 5month) but in a few weeks times im off to hospital for a check up and if things improved even more then i can go down to 3 bags a day and trust me that would help in time wise hehe. Oh and tomorrow night my dad said he is going to by alod of sea food stuff and we are going to have a feast hehehehehehe yumyumyumyumyum then ill be sick cos ive eaten too much lol and i hope you lot are well and happy Grin
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Posted at 11:59 pm, 13th August 2004
Welcome back Grin

Take it easy m8 and enjoy the sea food Happy
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Posted at 5:47 am, 14th August 2004
Welcome back, and yes, enjoy the food. Grin

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