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Truck Under Bridge

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Posted at 11:31 am, 24th August 2004
Well on one of the roads where i used to walk to go work theres at least 1 Truck what gets stuck under the bridge about 1 a month it was a bad one though this morning sliced all the roof and all its load was all over the floor It was carrying big planks of wood was all over the road hehe the driver was ok though cos i saw him looking at it looking like OMG Eek!

it was even on GMTV news my mum saw it i wish i was there walking past the cameras this morning then i would have been on tv hehe

is it just Yorkshire what gets GMTV or does every 1 in the uk get it because you might have seen near where i live aprox
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Posted at 1:16 pm, 24th August 2004
We used to get GMTV, not sure if we still do.
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Posted at 5:24 pm, 24th August 2004
i just found out that the tv crew was not there for the truck under the bridge it was there for a person was going over his land on his car to get to his house (its not like a garden or anything its a grtted stone like drive way but it does look like any1 can use it) and they where intervewing this person who was makeing that person in the pay 1 a week to cross it and they was on about the traffic as well and they carnt park any where and when they said that a truck crashed under the bridge because i thhink he was looking at the cameras seeing what they where doing and lost control

tuttut but thas just me speculating
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Posted at 8:48 pm, 24th August 2004
I saw a U-Haul truck get stuck in the drive-thru of Arby's once. It was pretty damn funny to watch. Grin

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