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Doom 3

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Posted at 7:44 am, 2nd September 2004
What do/did you guys think of Doom 3? I personally think that it's awsome! The graphics are the best, the gameplay is great and so is the story. I would rate it 9/10 (it looses one because the graphics are so good, I have to run it on 640x480 and Medium texture detail Sad ).
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Posted at 6:05 pm, 3rd September 2004
It was awesome beyond belief in my opinion
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Posted at 6:19 pm, 3rd September 2004
the graphics where great on my friends computer since he has a GeForce 6800 butt all around i am not a big doom fan. it was good thogh
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Posted at 12:25 am, 4th September 2004
The engine is very nice, but the storyline is total crap.

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