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More Movie Fun From Sporto

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Posted at 8:57 pm, 28th September 2004
Not really a full movie, but I think its one of the best things I've ever made. This is a movie that shows off our special effects techniques, which include bluescreening, keying, compositing, etc.

It was originally part of a much larger movie project, but that project has since undergone major plot changes and as a result, this scene can not be used in it anymore. Rather than let this work go to waste, we decided to edit it as a separate movie, however, since it was just a small part of the other movie, it doesn't have enough of a plot to be a stand-alone movie, therefore we're just calling it our "Forest Combat Test".

Tell me what you think.


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Posted at 1:53 am, 29th September 2004
yay for videos.
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Posted at 2:23 pm, 29th September 2004
Very nice Grin

I see how you've improved that scene where he goes running right-wards across the screen that you showed me before, the effects look much better in there now Smile

Very cool indeed.

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