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Red Sox win the World Series!

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Posted at 3:52 am, 28th October 2004
The Boston Red Sox just won Game 4 of the World Series, giving them the last of the 4 games neccesary to take the title. This is the first Red Sox win in 86 years! Grin

The curse has been broken. Wink

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Posted at 5:22 pm, 28th October 2004
cool even thogh i dont watch any sports really
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Posted at 6:10 pm, 28th October 2004
Good old world series... and its daft title...

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Posted at 8:16 pm, 28th October 2004
silly sox not winning the series for 80 some years/
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Posted at 9:11 pm, 28th October 2004
Yeah, there was a big news post on CAD-online about that. Big as in the font size was overkill.

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Posted at 8:35 pm, 29th October 2004
Go Sox!! Yes that was the greatest thing ever when they won.

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