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Posted at 11:22 am, 7th November 2004
Im going to open up an paypal acount and i just want to no if any body as heard about that filling a servay in that you get money for it.


is this true or is it just another con of the net?
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Posted at 11:37 pm, 7th November 2004
No its true. They do give you money for free, but its only like $5 USD.
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Posted at 1:58 am, 8th November 2004
There's a few companies out there that pay for filling out surveys. Thus far I've gotten $2 from GoZing. Usually when they invite me to a survey I fill in the first page and then get told that I don't fit the demographics. Quite a load of crap considering I wouldn't have been invited unless I did fit the demographics. That's just their way of saying the survey is full. There's too many other people filling them out.

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Posted at 12:31 pm, 8th November 2004
kewl cheers. Is there any more then because ive signed up to do http://www.psbsurveys.com/join_now.html

but with me being on sick still ill be able to do loads of forms hehe every little amount of cash adds up hehe

EDIT: I just read your post again scooter and ill go to gozig hehe
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