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Posted at 12:39 am, 17th November 2004
Does anybody know for sure which mod projects are still in development (either actively or slowly) for either EF 1 or 2? And yes I know that the DS9:BoP project is still going but that's not EF related (they moved away from Elite Force a while ago).

These are the projects I know of:
A Gate, Two Birds, and a Beutiful Sky - EF2
The Argas Effect - EF1
Enterprise NX-01 - EF1
The Way of Latinum - EF2
The Enterprise-E Project - EF2 (I'm pretty sure this one's dead)
Virtual Voyager - EF2 (I know this one's dead)
Voyager Insurrection - EF1 (aka. The Dead Project)
Virtual Enterprise - EF1 (You're looking at it Na na!)
Hazucks MOD - EF1 (don't quote me on the spelling)
Colony 7 - EF1 (Finished)
The Nemesis Project - EF2

Let me know of any others.
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Posted at 4:33 am, 17th November 2004
A Gate, Two Birds, and a Beautiful Sky - ALIVE
The Argas Effect - very much ALIVE
Enterprise NX-01 - ALIVE
The Way of Latinum - ALIVE
The Enterprise-E Project - (I'm pretty sure this one's dead) I bet you're right Wink
Virtual Voyager - (I know this one's dead) yep
Voyager Insurrection - (aka. The Dead Project) yeah
Virtual Enterprise - (You're looking at it Na na!) I say DEAD Wink
Hazsucks MOD - (don't quote me on the spelling) It's finished, isn't it?
Colony 7 - (Finished) yep
The Nemesis Project - ALIVE

I can't think of any other mods at the moment. Also, I have never heard of "The Way of Latinum" before. Hm.
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Posted at 9:16 am, 17th November 2004
I worked on the 'A Gate, Two Birds, and a Beautiful Sky' mod, my level for it was completed a while ago actually.

But they are indeed still alive (their forums are here).
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Posted at 9:57 pm, 20th November 2004
I haven't heard of The Way of Latinum. Got a link?

Hazsucks Mod is indeed still in the works. It's in a bit of a snag at the moment because I want it to be perfect.

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