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Posted at 12:34 am, 22nd November 2004
Ok, I am making a new nebula class ship. It will have lots of interactivity. I just have some questions at the moment. Is there anyway to get EF2 models into EF1 (.tik to .md2 or .md3).

I also want to know how to fit sounds to doors. It never works for me for some reason. in Uberadiant, you could say "sound_move" and "sound_stop" but in GTK you cant.

Also, how do you get a door to be triggered by a button, and then it wont move back unless you press the button again?


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Posted at 12:08 pm, 22nd November 2004
You're not allowed to use anything from EF2 in EF1. Its illegal to do it, which is pretty tight when you're not trying to make a profit or anything I know but that's just the way Copyright is.
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Posted at 5:53 pm, 22nd November 2004
In EF1, the door entities only need one sound for their movement. In the entity window if you scroll down in the box that decribes the entity you should find a list of keys for the key/value boxes ,if there are any for that entity. For the door I think it's 'soundSet'.

To make a button operated door, put the trigger_multiple in front of the brush that you want to be the button, and target it at the door. Select the trigger_multiple and check the 'use_button' box. On the door, check the 'toggle' box. Make sure the trigger_multiple is big enough for the player to fit at least partially into, otherwise it won't work.
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Posted at 2:41 am, 23rd November 2004
soundSet doesn't work in Holomatch. Use soundstart and soundstop.

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