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TOS Weapons Mod v2 released by Spacestation K7

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Posted at 2:44 am, 30th January 2005
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a TOS era Phaser or wield a Lirpa in battle? Well, now you can. Spacestation K7 has released the TOS Weapons Mod V2 for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Included in this mod are familiar weapons to all fans of the original series. TOS Weapons Mod II offers a total of 12 TOS era weapons, a phaser with a stun setting and a fully working Tricorder! The mod also contains Specialty Matches based on TOS episodes, such as "Day of the Dove", "A Piece of the Action" and "Amok Time" and also features TOS power-ups and some new surprises taken directly from TOS episodes.

The mod also includes an Amok Time add on for the Amok Time Kirk and Spock bots, to be used in conjunction with TOS Weapons Mod II and "Amok Time" specialty mode. The death animations have been changed and so has the way the bots hold the lirpa and they now actually take more realistic swipes at you. And finally, a brand new scaling system has been added to HM, where you can now define your character's height and width. To utilize this new feature, a small fix pak for some of Toonloon's bots has been included to take advantage of this, for example Chekov is now short, Apollo tall, Spock slim, etc... and look out for a very small threat from the 24th Century!

Head on over to Spacestation K7 now to download this mod.

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Posted at 2:58 am, 30th January 2005
Great news! I've been waiting for this for ages! Looks fantastic!
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