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A Nostalgic Moment

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Posted at 1:04 am, 22nd June 2005
I was going through my hard drive today deleting any files I don't want or need anymore and I came across one in particular that reminded me of good old EFMods.

It's the video I made for Dobberman when he got his appendix removed.


Its amazing how crude my videos were back then and cool to see how far I've come. Grin

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Posted at 7:07 pm, 22nd June 2005
Coincidentally, I was cleaning out my documents folder recently and found the card I made for Dobberman when he had his appendix removed.

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Posted at 9:47 pm, 23rd June 2005
I found the happy birthday map I made for Dob many years ago too recently, such a wonderful thing it was, lol. No sign of the get well card though.

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