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Posted at 10:50 am, 12th January 2002
Don't forget to check the Previews Forums now and again to see the latest pics of the game. Shots will include newly mapped areas, Effects, etc. And this will be the #1 place to see them. Cool!

Now featured in the previews forum is the Warp Core. Although it still isn't decided to be in the First Release, it's a growing posibility, just don't get your hopes up Wink

Here's the link:

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Posted at 4:42 am, 3rd July 2002
Link isn't working for me Sad[/quote]
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Posted at 5:02 am, 3rd July 2002
Me neither!! this sucks!! Muhahaha Grrr! please help!!

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Posted at 5:29 am, 3rd July 2002
Captain James Tobaiyas Ki has bumped an old topic. The link doesn't work because it's six months old! All screenshots from the previews forum have been moved to the main efmods web site a long time ago.

BTW: Kirk's middle name isn't Tobaiyas, it's Tiberius.

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Posted at 6:39 am, 3rd July 2002
He didnt just bump a topic, he bumped the OLDEST topic.

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Posted at 10:43 am, 3rd July 2002
What a bump.

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Posted at 12:15 pm, 3rd July 2002
Dont bump old topics like this! What ever! Muhahaha


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