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Best ST music?

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Posted at 6:59 pm, 16th May 2002
Whats your best music out off Star Trek? mine is out of Star Trek voyager:Scorpian episode and i have been looking every where for it and i can not find it any place where i could download it?
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Posted at 7:04 pm, 16th May 2002
Try here:

maybe its this file?


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Posted at 7:07 pm, 16th May 2002
yeah try them but there too short and you can here the ships in back ground fireing is there any where i can get the full version?

Thanks any way
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Posted at 10:36 pm, 16th May 2002
my favorite Star Trek music is the Voyager theme

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Posted at 7:56 am, 17th May 2002
Genesis Countdown - The music played in TWOK when Enterprise is trying to get clear of Reliant so they don't get caught in the big boom boom. It's also when Spock walks into the room that kills him.
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Posted at 3:14 pm, 17th May 2002
My favorite is the alternate TNG theme. It's the last track on the Encounter at Farpoint CD.

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