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Locked[U.S.S. 10to5] Comments 1 (Mission 2)

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Posted at 5:47 pm, 25th May 2002
in one of my earlier posts I posted

how about scanning for temporal anomalies or cloaked ships (romulan, klingon, or other).

we would have to ask Vanhal for permission

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Posted at 5:52 pm, 25th May 2002
Yep, i said we'd been scanning since we got here. Try to edit previous posts rather than adding consecutive posts. As first officer (i say so as Im a commander) I can give bridge orders (riker and chakotay do), but cant do stuff like away teams.

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Posted at 5:53 pm, 25th May 2002
The tachyon sweep was for detecting cloaked ships.

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