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What was going on?

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Posted at 7:55 pm, 28th May 2002
What has just been going on to the forum? First there was news, and then a layout where there was an old logo down the left hand side of the forum names and it couldn't find the forums/categories/topics and stuff.

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Posted at 8:10 pm, 28th May 2002
yeah I noticed that I fort it was my computer at first untill i read this few and now back on hehe
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Posted at 8:15 pm, 28th May 2002
I noticed that too, I also thought that the problem was with my computer.

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Posted at 8:48 pm, 28th May 2002
hehe sorry that was me, i was trying to put a news thing at the top, but it interfeared with the main fourm so i took it out again, but then i realised that all i had on my computer my an older version of overall_header.tpl witch is the top bit, and when i tryed to bring it up to date i missed out closeing one of the tables at the top so it went down the page.

I might try it some more on my local server.

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Posted at 11:18 pm, 28th May 2002
One of our EF clan members in [WDT] knows how to do that! It's in the wedrinktequila.com forums!

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