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How to make a Working Turbolift - 101

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Posted at 8:44 pm, 30th May 2002
Ok, before I go further, I want a place in the readme Na na!

In your turbolift, make a trigger_multiple in the place where the player would use the use button to bring up the menu. Press 'N' and check, PLAYERONLY, FACING and USE_BUTTON. Now you should make sure the following is in it:

angle 315
classname trigger_multiple
spawnflags 7
target turbomenu
wait 5

Then make two small brushs and put them at the control panel. They should be the same size and in the same place. Give one the CAULK texture and give the other the ORIGIN texture. Then select them both and make them a func_static. Then press 'N'. In it make sure the following is there:

classname func_static

Now somewhere else in the map (anywhere) make a target_interface (I think it comes with the GDK2 def files, if you don't have it make a target_multiple, press 'N' and change classname target_multiple to classname target_interface)

Then, press 'N', and make sure that in it, it has the following:

classname target_interface
script_targetname turbolift
targetname turbomenu

Now, go back to your turbolift.dat in your ext_data folder and (delete all the decks already in it, better to start from scratch) make a line like this:

DECK1 "Deck 01" "" "use tour01" "sound/voice/computer/tour/deck1.mp3"

Now, in your map, make a target_level_change, press 'N' and in it have the following:

classname target_level_change
mapname tour/deck01
targetname tour01

Radient will automatically add origin whatever into that, just leave it alone. Now, compile your map. You can see that the targetname of the target_level_change is the same as the thing in the turbolift.dat ("use tour01"), this is how the file points to it. Now when you run the map, you should be able to bring up the menu, and select Bridge from that. The map will even load the one from the Offical Virtual Voyager. I hope this works and that I didn't forget anything. Happy (Phew!)
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Posted at 6:44 am, 31st May 2002
This is very useful. I sent it off to our mapper so he can do his part, and I'm looking at it and wondering what on earth it means Wink

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