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Posted at 12:10 am, 14th June 2002
could you people post your favorite girlfriends, you can add their last names if you want and you can also post pictures of them. since most of us have been born before 1988.

my favorite girls are
Rachel Baldwin
Shannon Rempel

I have pictures but I will post them later, as my scanner isn't working.
Im sure that some people will like the pictures when they see the pictures, you can post if you like the picture of someones girlfriend.

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Posted at 8:38 am, 14th June 2002
Something doesn't sit right with this. I think I'll pass. Wha?

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Posted at 5:10 pm, 14th June 2002
You're right, I think he just wants to see if we have had any nice ones. I dont really think this is a very good subject. Wha? Maybe he spammed this to get captain. Na na!

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Posted at 5:21 pm, 14th June 2002
Carlos your a pervert . Just stop spaming and ill stop banginy your mum.

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Posted at 7:20 pm, 14th June 2002
Take this outside people, not here.
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