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sorry simmo

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Posted at 1:55 pm, 14th June 2002
hey sorry for "bumping" but the poast was at the very top i didnt look at the dates i just assumed it was new!!!

wont happen again!!

//ill try anyway Wink
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Posted at 5:25 pm, 14th June 2002
What are you on about? Have you posted this in the wrong forum? Coz I cant see what is wrong with this.

BTW, all you irish and canadian people, do you actually speak irish and canadian in *real life* or do you mainly use english?

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kamkazie mcgrathzie
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Posted at 5:44 pm, 14th June 2002
I think i speak for all the irish when i say we only about 2 words of irish a day.

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Posted at 6:44 pm, 14th June 2002
Us Canadians speak English all the time. In my case, it's the only language I speak (unless I'm watching Hogan's Heros and start talking German Wink ).

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Posted at 7:22 pm, 14th June 2002
TWO!!!!!!!!!!! i speak a total of zero, nil, none, zippo, nada, keine words of irish a year.

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