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Posted at 7:13 pm, 18th June 2002
Off Topic
Talk about anything you want, as long as it is legal! Don't be too offensive or there will be trouble. *Warning* possible offensive content. Advise caution!!
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Or more specifically,
Don't be too offensive or there will be trouble.

I am assuming that was added after the little scuffle about nationalities, am I right? It actually is kinda funny that you put

there will be trouble

Because there was almost a Civil War of Words in the forums. It is pretty funny when you think about it. LOL!

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Posted at 7:16 pm, 18th June 2002
Now Vanhal's going to claim he has precogniscience...

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is going to kill you!!!

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Posted at 7:48 pm, 18th June 2002
wasn't me!

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Posted at 9:32 pm, 18th June 2002
t'was me, t'was me, I did it after Kevin's post about it.
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