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LockedU.S.S. Columbia Ship Status

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Posted at 8:38 pm, 18th June 2002
U.S.S. Columbia NCC-85622

Comissioned: 2372
Length: 170m
Beam: 100m
Height: 20m
Decks: 5 (including nacelle sub decks)
Crew: 50 - listed here
Maximum Warp: 9.5


Deck 01: Command Bridge, Ready Room, Transporter Room 1, Deuterium Tanks, Engineering Deck 1, Crew Quarters
Deck 02: Engineering Deck 2, Dual Computer Core, Medical/Science Lab, Sickbay, Mess Hall, Transporter Room 2, Officers Quarters
Deck 03: Shuttlebays 1-3, Antimatter Storage, Cargo Bays, Airlock, Navigational Deflector
Deck 04: Navigational Deflector, Torpedo Launchers, Landing Legs
Deck 05: Warp Nacelle Maintenance Level

Sidius System, in a million pieces


Shields: 0% EFFICIENCY
Phasers: OFFLINE
Warp Drives: OFFLINE
Impluse Drives: OFFLINE
Forward Quantum Tube: OFFLINE (0/50 Quantums left)
Aft Quantum Tube: OFFLINE (0/25 Quantums left)
Transporters: OFFLINE
Life Support: OFFLINE
Sensors: OFFLINE
Warp core: OFFLINE

Type-1 Phaser (6)
Type-2 Phaser (14)
Type-2b Phaser (1)
Type-3a Phaser (5)
Type-3b Phaser (3)
Hypospray (5)
Medical Kit (4)
Herbal Extractor (3)
Holographic Projector (4)
Tricorder (16)
Engineering Kit (Cool!
Plasma Torch (2)
Hyper Spanner (1)
EVA Suits (50)
Wristband Torches (40)

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