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Posted at 9:53 pm, 19th June 2002
I have had complaints all over about deck 9 on Virtual Voyager (made by me and dobberman is making the awesome virtual enterprise). I know it is the same but in the new 0.2b version I have added a learning area for crewman and young cadets like the brand new hazard team member who is in his 3rd year through the academy. Any Questions?

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Posted at 11:14 pm, 19th June 2002
I think the learning area should be a holodeck and a classroom type room.

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just ask simmo666 for details, if you want to join you have to take a training mission and you would have to wait for the next mission that is after you complete training

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Posted at 6:57 am, 20th June 2002
I'm tired of doing training missions, so other crewmembers will train them in the area that you wish to train in (eg kamakazie if security, Kevn Chapman if science etc.)

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