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Join Date: 07-06-2002
Posted at 9:15 pm, 26th June 2002
Beta 0.01b- Out Now, www.effiles.com , www.efmodcentral.com
Beta 0.02b- Out Now, www.effiles.com
Beta 0.03b- Out Now, www.effiles.com
Beta 0.04b- TBC,

Virtual Voyager S8 (FV) 1.1 - Q4 2002

Nintendo - Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Out Now, www.effiles.com
Nintendo - PKMN- Out Now, www.effiles.com
Nintendo - Conker- TBC,
Nintendo - Mario 64- TBC
Nintendo - Perfect Dark- TBC

Smashed- TBC,

TBA = To Be Annoconced
TBC = To Be Confirmed
FV = Full Version
UB = Ultimate Beta
CN = Canned/Canceled

Chief of Operations on the USS Serenity

Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, Again!!!!! With the new GC Version!!!!!